Hehe, I just got back home an hour ago- took a shower, put some clothes in the wash. Where was I? I was at my neighbours house getting fucked balls deep 😏.

For those of you who haven’t read my confession a week ago, I started flashing my naked body to him and he would always sneakily stare at me. He tries hiding it by closing his blinds while Im naked, but it was clearly visible.


He (my neighbour) is a high school teacher and I’m a college student. He has to attend school to teach now while I only have online classes still. I babysit his kids currently so I go to his house every morning before the kids wake up to babysit them until he comes back home from work.

He wakes up at 5AM every morning for work so that’s why I wake up at that time as well, to flash him. I’ll purposely shower at 5AM and come out the shower with only a towel wrapped around my hair. I would use a towel to dry myself up, and then apply lotion.

I started to walk around with less clothing at home and I even did the smallest things to hint to him that I wanted him However, a month went by and he still didn’t make a move, probably because he doesn’t want to have a bad reputation if I rejected him, and was waiting for me to make a move.

We flirted frequently, and he definitely would “accidentally” touch my ass/ tits. Today, I woke up, showered, did my flashing. He was watching me of course, with his blinds closed. I purposely didn’t put on a bra, but I did put on these high waist lace panties. I wore booty shorts and this black laced cami top.

Since I wasn’t wearing a bra, you would be able to see my nipples and my nipple piercing sticking out most of the times. Anyways, I put on some lotion and then watched some TV until it was time for me to go babysit. I went in early today and he opened the door for me. I slipped through the doorway with my booty shorts slightly skimming his jeans that he was wearing. I took off my shoes and he complimented on my feet.

We talked for a bit, and since I came in early today (around 20 mins early), he was still getting ready. I waited for him to finish getting ready which took around 5 mins. We had 15 minutes to spare so we just sat on his couch and talked.

His kids were upstairs and were still asleep. We talked and eventually I SOMEHOW successfully got to the topic i wanted to talk about: his sex/ love life. He said he hasn’t had sex for 2 years and that he couldn’t find the right woman because all of them didn’t want to raise kids.

I went bold and just told him “Is there anything I could help? I’m sorry to hear that”. He responded with the defensive but reassuring “Not really, it’s not like you could recommend me anybody anyways” while he touched my arm. I then put my hand on his thigh and I told him to not worry, I’ll help him with that.

I got down on my knees while he was sitting on the couch, and I gave him a blowjob. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. His dick was around 7.5 inches which was massive in my standards. He came within 40 seconds or so, and I let him cum on my face.

He was in a rush because he still had to go to school, so he left. I couldn’t keep him off my mind and I had to go to the bathroom to finger myself for a while. I watched his kids until he went home while I studied. He came back home at 4:30, and he still had a small boner in his pants 😂.

He told his kids to go upstairs as he told them he was going to talk to me for a sec. He told me his plan was to pretend to let me go back to my house but in reality we were going to fuck, if I was down. I definitely agreed and he said goodbye to me aloud while he opened and closed the door to make the kids think I left.

He then went to their rooms and told them to not go downstairs because he wanted to concentrate on work. He went back downstairs, cranked the tv volume so nobody would hear. I just stood there, and he ripped off my clothes. He picked me up, put me on the kitchen table, put a condom on and just fucked the shit out of me. Keep in mind I haven’t had sex for half a year because of covid, so I couldn’t help moaning really fucking loudly.

I could tell he was the don since he fucked me harder everytime i said yes daddy. It lasted for a solid 10 minutes of groaning and eventually I came. I let him keep my panties and he came on my mouth and tits. Now I gotta go back to babysit tomorrow so who knows what’s going to happen )