So, this is one of my favourite experiences and they actually helped me accept and love the whore that I am!

I matched with the guy on tinder and after some chatting he told me he was in an open relationship.

I thought that was great and we decided to hook up, he said his girlfriend would be home in the other room and that she likes to listen.

This was new to me and I was curious about it so we went ahead with our plans and fucked. Afterwards I stayed and we all chatted and drank together and holy fuck did we get along!

I just resonated with them so well, and I found them both so free spirited, intriguing, and sexy. It was getting later and the conversation was flowing until his girlfriend got up to go buy some cigarettes from the night shop.

So it was just him and me, talking about the good fuck we had just had and how much I loved his massive cock! This conversation obviously got us both turned on again, I could feel my panties getting wetter as I watched him massage his cock through his trousers.

He'd look down at his bulge and I could sense he was thinking about how he was going to satisfy himself using my body. He got his cock out for me, and when I saw it I couldn't resist the urge to fill my throat with it. I was sitting next to him on the sofa when got on all fours and ecstatically began to give him a blowjob.

Shortly after we started his girlfriend got back from the shop and walked in on me sucking his dick on the living room sofa! She didnt say much when she walked in, just quickly put everything she had down on the nearest surface, ran into their bedroom, and changed into a gorgeous piece of lingerie to show off for us! Her. Tits. Are. Amazing.

Wow. I couldn't stop touching and kissing them once she joined in. First we shared his cock, taking turns stroking while the other used her mouth, or licking up his shaft together, making out with his cock in-between our mouths.

It was a fantasy of mine come true! I don't think he came in our mouths, but fucked his girlfriend and used her as a little cum bump while I caressed her and kissed him.

Probably one of the best things I've experienced, and I made some amazing friends! They've helped me accept my slutty side and since then I've been far more explorative. We got together for another threesome after this.