I had sex with my girlfriend’s friend and my current roommate.

So I started living with this girl (I’ll call her Vanesa) amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, as we both had jobs in the same city, and our prospective roommates had completely lost their jobs due to the Pandemic.

I was attracted to her from the day I met her, but never considered doing anything with her. We both were taken. Vanesa is a really pretty 5 foot Mexican girl, has a really great face, big eyes and juicy lips.

She also has really big tits and a tight shapely ass. It was a tough time, and we have pretty different personalities, so we mostly kept to ourselves to begin with.

At one point she just got bored and asked to smoke with me, and I was happy to have company. We had a fun night watching NETFLIX and hanging. Skip forward a few weeks, we are drinking and smoking together pretty regularly.

She knows I weight train in my room a decent amount, and eagerly demands me to do an online yoga class with her one night while we’re stoned. The workout is somewhat hard, I am immediately impressed by her grace. As the class goes on, we both get sweaty, and her tits are jiggling around, and I’m getting really hard.

Finally, Vanesa’s sweaty shapely ass cheek comes out of her shorts on one stretch, and her fat, sexy cheek is wiggling in the air, shining with sweat. She catches me staring and calls me out playfully. I made a joke about how I just hadn’t seen some booty in person in a while, we laugh it off.

Weeks later, her douchey boyfriend breaks up with her. She is absolutely distraught, and I comfort her with what I can manage to say, and we fall into an even more regular and fun routine of working out and getting fucked up together. Weeks later, we are stoned and watching a movie.

She is cuddled up to me more than normal, which is fine by me, but I’m trying to ensure I don’t come across as trying to make a move on her. She is wearing black leggings and a very revealing black tank top.

She just keeps pushing it, and finally is laid out in such a way that her head is in my lap and her body is across me. Her tits are bunched up on my leg and I can feel how fat they are, her cleavage overflowing from her top. Her ass in those leggings looks INCREDIBLE.

After much resistance, I feel my cock jerk and twitch, totally erect, right under her face through a thin pair of basketball shorts. She placed her hand around the shape of my cock and said, “for me?”.

I cringed a little, and wasn’t sure what to say. At this point, she stood up giggling and then sat back down in my lap, and then started grinding on my cock. “Vanesa”, I said, as she slides my cock closer and closer to her ass crack. She says, “With all of this shit going on, I feel like we could use some fun.

We work hard, we hang out all the time, honestly, you’re my best friend and I’ve always thought you were really cute. This is just like, dancing.” It wasn’t though. I felt my cock push into the thin material of her leggings, into her ass crack, and felt her ass cheeks clench up around my cock.

Her fat booty cheeks were swallowing my cock, and finally, I put my hands around her waist and shoved myself deeper into her, humping her ass fat. She let out a moan that drove me crazy. I brought my hand around her front, stuck my hand in her panties, rubbed on her clit, and started dirty talking. “You like feeling my rock hard dick between your cheeks, honey?” “Yesssss” I slide her leggings off, and her fat ass cheeks are resting in my lap.

She turns with her big eyes, and asks “Why did you stop? Do you not like this?” At that point, I shoved my dick between her ass cheeks, alternating between pulling her nipples and rubbing her clit. She said she came.

I smacked her ass, held her like a rag doll, and fucked her ass cheeks while she held them together for me. I came. I came for what felt like 5 minutes. My hot load shooting out intensely into her ass crack, stuck between her cheeks.

Vanesa and I both let out a very loud moan. I go back to rubbing her raw little clit and she jerks my cock with her ass. She cums again, clearly turned on by me making her fat ass a total mess. At this point, she wanted to fuck, but I had kind of come out of my haze of being insanely horny and was feeling remorseful.