Confessions of a private chef (part- 1)

I’ve been cooking across the country for years for very wealthy families and the stuff I encounter would make your jaw drop. Sex-related or not. My first time posting so if you’d like to read more, I have lots of slutty confessions involving clients and their guests. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Note that I’m in peoples’ homes all day. They’re used to having “staff” around and don’t think twice about displaying candid conversations, appearances, daily routines in front of us. We blend in and remain neutral and discrete.
Also, a strange side of being a private chef for a family is that you see their kids grow up. It’s really wholesome until one day it hits you that the daughter is suddenly gorgeous (and legal). One of my wealthiest clients I had been cooking for for a couple of years were nightmares. But it was a peaceful working environment and I charged them an exorbitant amount of money.


When I had accepted an offer out of state I gave a courteous 4 weeks notice. Caitlin, the daughter was about to graduate high school and when she came home for lunch one day got me in the kitchen alone she said: Caitlin: “I heard you’re leaving!”

Followed by the fuck-me-eyes and “you’re going to miss my 18th birthday” Me (26 at the time): “oh no I’m not leaving until next month” Fast forward a week or so later (past her 18th bday), I’m on the lower level of the house (where her room is located) and walking toward the back storage area. She apparently hears me and comes casually walking out of her room topless and in sweatpants and just says “hi Evan :)”

Instantly hard I smile back and say hi. Caitlin is a super smart girl. Although a daughter in a billionaire family, she went to public school and was polite, average tennis player, but my god did she have those “fuck me” eyes. Olive skin, slim, but not like starving rich girl slim. Long dark brown hair that was wavy and she often wore it down so it covered her perfect B cup tits.

She had a sultry voice that was energetic and friendly and those moody, puffy lips (no, not fake either). After that (probably unintentional) topless pass by in the hall, the “oopsie” incidences were more frequent over the next few weeks and definitely intentional.

She would ask me to bring out her favorite chicken salad by the pool while she sunbathed topless. Her nipples were small, brown, and she had the smoothest skin I had ever seen. I fantasized about getting to rub her entire body with lotion or jerking off and cumming on her tits while she lay by the pool.

The second to last “incident” that was definitely intentional came on the night of her brothers 150 person wedding at their house. It was early June and naturally I catered the wedding (amazing short ribs by the way). Once again, I find myself in the lower level going to storage and she pops out of her room and shouts from down the hall:

Caitlin: Evan! Can you come here? Can I have your opinion? What do you think of this dress? A strapless flowy and floral-print dress that showed no cleavage, a little leg, and super simple and sexy. Me: it looks fantastic on you! Very summery Caitlin: what about this one? (She walks toward her bed and shows me the one laid out across her sheets that’s low cut and lacy).

Me: hmm I like the one you have on. This is family so best to be a bit more modest, but damn. Caitlin: are you sure? She looks over at me and without breaking eye contact, she peels the lacy dress from the bed and underneath is a glass dildo.

No one talks for what seemed like hours. Me: I’m sure. Save the other dress for when you’re in THAT kind of mood (as I nonchalantly point to her dildo nestled in her white sheets). She laughs and I get back to cooking.

The wedding goes off without a hitch and wraps up. It’s really late and a few guests are in the backyard enjoying the summer night. I didn’t see Caitlin until I was cleaning up around 1-2am. She startled me as she snuck into the catering kitchen wearing, you guessed it, the “other” dress.

Caitlin with those famous fuck me eyes says: I guess I’m in THAT kind of mood ) Without saying a word she turns around and heads to the lower level. I follow. Mind you, these houses are literal compounds. Often with more than 2 guest houses on the property, so they’re big enough to where it’s easy to bounce around and not see anyone.

We get down the stairs and she grabs my hand and leads me into her bedroom. Grabs her dildo and we exit. Not knowing where we’re going, she leads me to the storage room, sits on a tote, props her legs up and spreads them.

Her dress parts and she hikes it up a little. She’s wearing white panties to match, moves them aside, gives her dildo a good suck, and starts to circle her pussy. She tries to keep eye contact but is so into it she closes her eyes and moans while her hair flows over her shoulders and tits.

A shoulder strap falls to one side and I move forward, pull it down even further to expose those perfect fucking tits I’ve been dreaming about getting my hands on. I take her nipple in my mouth sucking and gently biting.

My other hand reaches down, gets wet and slides into her hole while she massages her clit with the head of the dildo. Caitlin: I just really need your cock in my mouth She says in one fluid motion as she leans over, lifts up my white apron, unbuttons my pants and takes my hard cock in her smooth, petite hands.

Her 18 year old tongue takes a long lick from my balls, underneath my dick, and to my head. She’s more experienced than I thought she would have been. As she’s stroking and sucking I see her reach down and start to finger fuck her tight shaved pussy.

I pull her hair back and she gasps. She stops sucking and gets up. Sits back on the plastic bins. This time her tits are out, panties off, dress just wrapped around her torso and says “go get a condom in my nightstand next to me bed” Fucking music to my ears because there’s no way in hell I ever thought I’d be in this situation tonight.

I just wanted to have a successfully catered event haha. I come back and the appetite of this girl is outrageous - she’s full on enjoying a solo session and just so into pleasing her pussy.

I can’t help but admire because she is stunning. I put the condom on, she spits on her hand, grabs my cock, and pulls it toward her hole. Her hands grab the back of my shoulders as I slowly enter her and I start to move rhythmically as my dick gets wetter with her juices with each motion She leans back, tilts her head back, and arches her back with her tits in the air bouncing.

I take long, deep thrusts because I want her tight pussy to take my thick cock. My right hands rests right above her pussy as my thumb massages her clit. I put my thumb in her mouth so she can taste herself and she says “oh fuck I’m going to cum. Keep going!” She quivers and then starts to laugh and says “oh my god!! Chef Evan! Who fucking knew?!” Now, my ego isn’t that big, but hearing her call me “chef”, her being 18 and working for her parents, it felt so naughty.

She sits up and takes off the condom and starts to suck and stroke. I fuck her mouth as she pulls me in closer to her face. She takes my cock out of her mouth and says “I want you to cum on my tits” Again, music from the heavens. It took me 10 seconds to cum after she said that, and she started to rub her tits full of my cum.

A few days later I left the job, and moved a week or so after that. We still keep in touch and keep it mostly platonic. Eventually we make each other horny during our convos. If you want to hear more confessions from my private chef adventures, I’m happy to share lots of stories!